My aim is to create a moment of calm presence, which allows you to become aware of how you feel and to connect with the possibility of improving your life. I’d like to encourage you to observe your body and emotions, replacing judgement with love and acceptance.

What People Say💜

I super recommend Ceci. In addition to being very professional, as a person she transmits a very nice vibe! Good way to relax and disconnect”.

Kimi Yamada

“A moment without thought; just being.
A moment of connection, of restarting.
A moment of peace”

Manu Martínez

Great service and understanding of my needs! Very gentle and professional.
Thanks Ceci!! You’re simply the best!”.

Mariana Caballero

“It was the most pleasant experience I ever had”.


A friend of mine recommended Ceci to me. She really helped me with my upper back problems. In addition to being a very friendly and pleasant person, Cecilia was always professional, punctual and respectful. She knows what she is doing, I can highly recommend her!”.

Steve Lindauer

“Very Professional. The best massage I’ve had in London!
Great vibe, Cecilia makes you feel at home and safe”.

Marina Suarez

Could not recommend Cecilia’s therapy more. Great space full of thoughtful touches and atmosphere. Extremely skilled, sensitive and empathetic, an sensational near 2 hour first session“.

Giulia Savorelli

“Truly a unique, integrative and wonderful experience. Integrating the needs of each session for a unique well-being moment. Simply thank you”

Hernán Barrueco

You can find more testimonials here.

Make yourself a priority

It may feel self-indulgent to take time for yourself, when you feel you should be taking care of others or other things.
Well, here’s the thing: self-care is not a luxury, it is mandatory:
• Everyone you love also benefits from your healing;
• You need to be healthy and feeling good in order to be there for others;
• So make yourself a priority 🙌

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