To Make The Most Of Your Massage Session

It is important that you feel as comfortable as possible during your massage. 

  • Be on time.
    If you arrive in a rushed state, it may take longer to relax.
    If you arrive early, I might be on another session. So please don’t ring the bell before your time. In this case you can text me and if I’m available, I’ll buzz you in 🙂.
    – Let’s respect and honor each other’s time and commitment –
  • Don’t eat just before the session or eat a light meal;
  • On the day of your massage, before and after the session, avoid caffeine, alcohol or recreational drugs;
  • Turn off your phone during the whole session;
  • Before the session, give accurate information about your health;
  • Speak up about your needs and concerns.
    Expressing yourself is an important key to your sense of security and relaxation during the treatment.
    Before our session, I invite you to tell me about your needs, your concerns, your expectations and reasons for the massage or if you have any questions. I also invite you at any time during our session to let me know if the amount of pressure, the music, the room temperature, etc is suitable for you. Feedback is always welcome!
  • Be as receptive and open to the massage process as possible.
    Keep chit chat to a minimum. Remember that deep natural breathing helps facilitate relaxation. We often stop or limit our breathing when we feel anxious or when a sensitive area is being massaged, if this happens, keep breathing and take looooong releasing exhalations;
  • Take off only as much clothing as you are comfortable removing.
    I will leave the room while you undress. A sheet is provided for draping during the massage and I will uncover only the part of your body being massaged. After the massage is finished, I will leave the room again providing you with privacy while dressing;
  • After the session, allow yourself some open, quiet time. It may take a little time to integrate or absorb the results of the massage;
  • Drink extra water after your massage and try to carry out with a quiet day.
  • Enjoy yourself! 🙂

    * Massage has its greatest benefits over time. The effects of massage are cumulative, so the more often you get a massage, the better you will feel and the more quickly your body will respond. To start, I recommend a series of four sessions, once a week during a month, so you can feel the changes in your body, your mind and your emotional state.

    **If you are unable to keep your appointment, please contact me at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise the session will be fully charged.

BARE IN MIND: Sometimes following any holistic treatment, the body can go through what is called “a healing crisis”. This is nothing to worry about and it is usually the body getting rid of toxins and your nervous system discharging tension. The symptoms may include headache, lethargy, post-nasal drip, increased urination, disturbed sleep, soreness of muscles, heightened emotional state, etc. These symptoms will usually subside within 24 hours and you will feel great as the body will have rebalanced itself.
If any of this happens to you and you feel like talking, sharing or asking me anything, don’t hesitate to write or call me.

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