How it works

Together, we will immerse ourselves into a journey of powerful questions and reflective inquiry, that will help you find the answers that are within you, unlocking your potential and helping you gain the clarity and confidence you need so that you can make big changes in your life.

I will use various techniques from Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Positive Psychology.

We will change your perspectives and beliefs for personal transformation and growth.

GOALS: First, we specifically determine your goals.

EXPLORE: Then, we deeply explore your options and reveal what is really preventing you from going full-power you, such as unhelpful habits, limiting beliefs or perceived obstacles.

LEARN: You learn how to remove what is stopping you and to find out what new behaviours you can start to schedule and plan to create the life and path you want. 

We transform what you learned into concrete actions and strategy that will lead you closer to achieving your goals.

I will keep you accountable. In between sessions, I will make sure you complete your growth tasks that will move you forward.

Are you ready to be more intentional and take responsibility for your own life?

I can help you gain clarity on your next step and build your confidence to take action. 

I encourage you to make the most of your investment by committing fully to the Coaching process, staying open about your challenges and fears and by taking action between sessions.

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