Covid-19 (taking care of each other)

I understand that it is really important for you to feel as safe and as comfortable as possible, so please read carefully what follows and if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. I am more than happy to help.

  • I’m taking lateral flow test every other day (the days I have in person clients). I encourage you to do the same before coming to your session.
  • I’ll be wearing a face mask during the entire session. Please wear a face mask during consultation and when you are face up in the massage bed. When lying face down you can remove your mask.
  • If you are unwell or if you have any symptoms, please cancel your appointment (you won’t be charged if it’s covid related).
  • To ensure that I have enough time to deep clean the treatment room and all common areas in between clients, please arrive on time- not earlier- (not late 🙏) to your appointment.
  • I have increased the frequency of cleaning, including making sure that common surfaces, furniture, equipment, toilet, door handles, passageways, etc. are wiped clean using disinfectant products between each client.
  • Please wash your hands as soon as you arrive. Hand sanitiser will also be available.
  • I will wash my hands before you arrive, before starting the treatment and after.
  • The therapy room will be ventilated between clients and I will keep it well ventilated during the whole session. During cold weather, the bed is heated and I’ve got plenty of blankets so you’ll be toasty warm.
  • Towels, headrest covers and linen used for the treatment are washed at 90° and replaced for each client.
  • Filtered water served in a clean glass will be provided as usual – you are more than welcome to bring your own bottle of water if you prefer so.
  • Please bring as few personal belongings with you as possible.
    I look forward to seeing you on my massage table!


P.S.: I have completed the “Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Prevention and Control” course, accredited by the Guild of Professional Beauty and Holistic Therapists UK.

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