Hey there!

My name is Cecilia. I’m trained as a holistic massage therapist and a life coach and I’m passionate about helping women feel good, happier and more fulfilled.
When I’m not working, you can find me dancing, singing, in a concert or travelling!

I would like to tell you a bit about myself so we can feel closer.

Sweet Home Buenos Aires

I’m originally from sunny Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I left home about three years ago and after travelling for a few months, I decided to settle in London aiming to absorb all the art, culture, music (concerts!), diversity and also to experience different perspectives. This was just before the pandemic. Great timing, right?

I love life, music, cycling, my friends, travelling and looking ways to understand myself more, to feel more comfortable with who I am and accept and love myself.

I Can’t Get A Life If My Heart Is Not In It

Back home, for so many years I’ve been so unsatisfied with my life. I didn’t know what to do. I dropped out from university so many times. I ended up working in big corporations with and for people that were not particularly aligned to my idealist heart. Then I took part of a small family business that had nothing to do with me. I was not finding the motivation to get out of bed  in the morning. It was just working so I can pay the rent and then go ‘have fun’ during the weekend to actually forget about the awful job I had (among other things in my life I was not ready to take responsibility for and that were making me feel miserable).

I remember the soundtrack to my life those days was that Oasis song 🎶’… I can’t get a life if my heart is not in it’.

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

In my mid to late twenties I started a journey of self discovery and transformation that’s still going on and hopefully will continue forever.

I did all sorts of personal development work- different types of therapies, yoga, 5 Rhythms, meditation, breathing techniques, Esalen Massage (also known as Californian Massage)… This last one particularly was life changing for me. Before that, I was not a massage person. I had only received a couple of massages in my life and my idea of massage was that of ‘fixing’ a muscle or just relaxation.

In Californian Massage I found a powerful device for healing my story that was impregnated all over my body, my emotions and my mental health. Realising that I am ONE- mind, body and soul. I also found that Californian Massage was an amazing tool for connection- with myself and with the world. A beautiful meeting with myself where many times massive insights happened. A full body insight.  I learnt that the body never lies. She actually can’t lie. If there is pain or discomfort, there’s something there to pay attention to; a wake up call or a call to action: What is my body telling me today? 

With A Little Help Of My Friends

Long story short, about eight years ago and with a little help of my amazing friends (a lot actually), and all the personal work I did, I finally had the courage to jump into the unknown and go do the things I love. I was terribly scared but I knew I wanted to have a job that was meaningful. I wanted to offer to others all the love, support and healing I was experiencing with Californian Massage.

So, I quit my job, I got divorced, I travelled for a few months on my own and decided to be in charge of my own life. When I got back to Buenos Aires, I carried on with my Californian Massage training and started offering sessions to my friends in the living room of my apartment. I’ve also worked in spas and wellness centres of a couple of well known hotel chains for a few years. The approach here was very different and I learnt a lot about tolerance and compassion when working with people from all walks of life. During the following years in Buenos Aires and London, I studied different massage techniques such as deep tissue, pregnancy and post natal massage, reflexology and Indian head massage. I now combined all of these techniques in MY SIGNATURE HOLISTIC MASSAGE, always resting in the meditative nature and quality of contact that Californian Massage taught me. 
This year I also got my Coaching Certification (ICC England) and I am now doing a specialisation on Life Coaching, a deeper level to explore meaning and purpose in life, among other things.

Thank You

It’s not always easy to be my own little business. Many times I freak out and feel lost. It is an ongoing process and I’m learning every-single-day. Truth is I wouldn’t change it for anything! 

Thank you lots to all of you who trust in me, who come to my sessions and recommend me among your loved ones. It is because of you that I can do what I love. 

And for those who I haven’t met yet, I’d be honor to help you. 

I am here for you and I’m looking forward to seeing you.


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