About Me

Ceci Guarna

Massage Therapist – Life Coach in progress

a little bit about my background…

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am now based in East London, England.
I am fascinated about well-being, working with womxn and leading a conscious healthy life.

Being a Massage Therapist has been a very fulfilling job for me. I really love what I do.
I have been working for over 9 years with my private clients and in wellness centres and spas in Buenos Aires and London.

I graduated from Oasis, School of Californian Massage in Buenos Aires, as a Californian Oasis Massage® Practitioner. This is a type of Holistic Massage which looks to move our energy and helps to improve our whole sense of well being. You can read more about this Massage here.

My professional background before Massage was in multinational business where I first started hearing the call for a change of lifestyle and career path. I started practicing Ashtanga Yoga, Transcendental Meditation, Pranayamas (breathing techniques), 5Rhythms®. I also studied Ayurverdic Massage in University of Maimonides, Shantala Massage (baby massage) with Carolina Carro, Holistic Reflexology at Espacio Escuela de los Siete Soles, Sports Massage, Chair Massage, Hot Stone Massage with Silvia Videla and Specialisations in lower back problems with Ingrid May.
In London, I also got my diplomas in Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage and in Indian Head Massage.

I love combining two of my great passions: my job and travelling; giving me the possibility of offering massage sessions in different cities of the world suchs as New York and Barcelona. 
I also love spending time with my friends and my loved ones; I am a music lover- I enjoy singing and going to concerts a lot!. I love cycling, dancing (another huge passion), working out and taking long walks. I enjoy arts and culture in general.

I am now in the process of become a Life Coach, so I am super excited about this. Can’t wait to start offering Coaching sessions!

You can write or call me, I am here and I really look forward to hearing from you 

With love,

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